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Well, mom is going down hill. Now I think she has pneumonia-not really sure but she has the chills and mucous building up which chokes her. I wonder if the lung cancer or tumor is pressing on the esophagus as she vomits daily and now chokes when eating and drinking. I am bringing her to my house, think I need to contact our pastor...maybe she needs to talk to someone too. She isn't religious and believes we all are in hell now and that we will go to a better place when we die. No true help from my sister or brother...they are wrapped up in their own problems.

I do not think my mom will make it to the shore on the 28th. I ask for your prayers for her. I hope she makes it there and back.

I have a great husband and kids but sometimes feel so alone. There is so much unknown. Wonder if I can get hospice in more now. Also-Sunday they delivered oxycodine and my mom took one-prescription was wrong and she was overmedicated (20 mg instead of 10). As for a grief councelor-When? Where do I find the time for that? And do I really want to face the truth? Thank you for listening to my rant and rambling.

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First off, my heart goes out to all you are going through and how scared you must be.

Hospice is wonderful and will help take some of the burden off of you.

You can rant anytime as so many of us have gone through what you are.

We are always here.... call hospice they can be a great help to you and your mom.


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