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Illinois Lottery - Breast cancer


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Okay, I'm not sure if this is the right forum. I'm so stunned at this discovery today.


Tic-Tac-Cash is a 2.00 instant Illinois lottery game where all the proceeds go to breast cancer research. This is in a state where the Tobacco money has been misused in past years. I'm livid and feeling this pink nightmare washing over me again.

My son bought a ticket and proudly stated, "It's for breast cancer Mom." He is a good egg.

Well, suffice to say, education begins at home and he got a crash course on lung cancer funding while I drove him to work. :wink: (It's his (and his sister's) birthday today, so I went easy...)

So hard to see this -- and will be writing the state, of course.


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this is the reason I am advocating for a NC lung cancer plate. There is a breast cancer plate but our sales are slow right now. ALANC is starting a marketing campaign after all this time. almossrt feel as thoughI was an afterthought aabout this project. Oh well just keep going along. Good Luck with this issue. Our lottery goes for Educational funds basically.

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