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Friday Appointments - All Good...though almost puked!


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That's wonderful!! Will we be seeing new photos? Though like someone else I also fell into the trap of thinking that top photo was of you and hubby. If you post an update, some newbie might think it's you and son!

Wait -- that could be misinterpreted. I'm not saying these last couple of years have aged you more than your dad, even though...

Come on, Ned, stop trying to be so ##$$@@ cute! Just tell our dear Jen you're happy for her and leave!




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One year of remission is great! Just wanted to add, radiation shrinks the lung and the pleural space can fill with fluid. It happened to my Dad and the fluid was benign. I need to update my Dad's profile but he's still doing great, he's as fat as Don's cows and we planted tomatoes last weekend. Give your Dad an extra hug for me.

Oh, and it's not that you look old in your photo, your Dad just looks really young!

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Phew, thank goodness I can breathe again!!!

Now......will you finally believe that he's doing okay?? This is wonderful news Jen, I'm so pleased for Dad AND you so now enjoy the summer and forget those August tests ~~ there's no reason to think that they'll be any different than these.

You know, I think you've overtaken Andrea in the worry-wort/over active imagination department.....sorry Andrea I just had to give your title away :lol::lol:


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That is awesome news! I am cracking up b/c I would have freaked out too if I could not reach them until after 5 :) Hopefully it will never happen again, but a helpful hint: You can always call the drs office and ask if they are still here. I have done that once or twice :oops:

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