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My husband had the staples from his brain surgery removed today. We asked the neurosurgeon about the feasibility of the lost vision returning. He said that he "wouldn't hang his hat on it", at this point, but that it could still possibly improve over the next few weeks as the brain heals from surgery. I certainly hope it does - he is unable to drive or work at his job, and I cannot imagine him being content to let others (mainly me) drive him every place that he needs to go for the rest of his life. Regardless, we all of course manage what we need to, and will manage this if necessary.

We were given a referral to meet with a radiologist to discuss radiation - we are still not decided on WBR or a more limited form of radiation. I think my husband is leaning toward the WBR. I am leaning away from it, but it of course is his decision.

As always, thanks to all for being here!

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Why not ask for a referral to a specialist for his eyes? I worked with a client that was blinded by a stroke in childbirth and she has recovered much of her vision. It may help to get an expert opinion.

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Thanks all. Your good wishes are worth more than you will ever know.

Ry, I actually did ask the neuro-surgeon if there was any kind of (I'm sure I sounded pretty ignorant) "doctor who maybe specializes in vision issues related to neurological issues"...he responded "oh, of course, there's a very good neuro-opthamolgist right down the street". (Why on earth didn't he tell us this before I asked?)

Long story short, we were told it would take 4-6 weeks to get in, but they called tonight, and will see him tomorrow!

We're pretty excited, and hoping that he has something to offer.

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