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Hello everyone!


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Hello everyone!

I'm catrina; 16 years old from Mauritius. I came across this forum and read some threads. i felt very sad and wish that no one suffers from lung cancer; in fact from any disease.

My dad is losing his weight very drastically since last months. He was fat but now he is so thin that some people even fail to recognise him. I know that he is ill but he is hiding the truth from me. I could have shown you his photographs to show you how he has changed physically. But i don't know how to post photographs. Can it be possible that he has lung cancer. Ya i forgot to mention that he does smoke some 5-6 cigarettes and drinks some pegs of whisky everyday.

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Hello Catrina,

I'm sorry your dad is unwell, and I'm sorry he's keeping it from you.

He may be in denial himself, and just avoiding the doctor because he doesn't want to know for sure.

People are funny sometimes.

Let us know how you make out. Sounds like perhaps it's time you had a talk with your Dad?



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Hi Catrina,

You know that's my cat's name (spelled the same way). She was a Katrina rescue. Anyway I'm so sorry your dad isn't doing well. It sounds like you are a very concerned daughter. However, don't jump to conclusions and stress yourself out until you actually know. When I feared my dad had LC I would read the symptons and info on webmd.com. Just a thought. Hang in there.

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I'm sorry to hear your dad is ill. This could really be just about anything. No one here is able to diagnosis your dad. Only a doctor can do that with the proper tests.

Just because he's a smoker, doesn't really mean he has lung cancer. Sadly enough, it could be any kind of cancer or some other disease.

God Bless you and your dad.

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