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What is a Grandmother/Grandfather?


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What is a Grandmother/Grandfather?

Taken from papers written by a class of 8 year olds.

1. A grandmother is a lady who has no little children of her own. She likes other people's.

2. A grandfather is a man grandmother.

3. Grandmothers don't have to do anything except be there when we come to see them.

4. They are so old they shouldn't play hard or run.

5. It is good if they drive us to the store and have lots of quarters for us.

6. When they take us for walks, they slow down for things like pretty leaves and caterpillars.

7. They show us and talk to us about the color of the flowers and also don't step on "cracks."

8. They don't say, "Hurry up."

9. Usually grandmothers are fat, but not too fat to tie your shoes.

10. They wear glasses and funny underwear.

11. They can take their teeth and gums out.

12. Grandmothers have to be smart. They have to answer questions like, "Do worms yawn?" and, "How come dogs chase cats?", "did the cow really jump over the moon", "why do people kiss under the Mistletoe?"

13. When they read to us, they don't skip. They don't mind if we ask for the same story over again.

14. Everybody should try to have a grandmother, especially if you don't have television, because they are the only grown ups who like to spend time with us.

15. They know we should have snack-time before bedtime and they say prayers with us every time, and kiss us even when we've acted bad.

(Don, make sure you share this with Lucie!)

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I will definitely share it with Lucie. Thanks. I think I posted this on the board before but it seems to fit here.

About 7 years ago, my two grandchildren were having father's breakfast at school. My son was going to be out of town and asked if I would go with them. I did and had a great time. My granddaughter was in kindergarten and I would up at the end being with her in her classroom. At one point, all the dads began leaving, and I told my granddaughter it was time for me to leave. She looked up at me with those sparkling eyes and said, "Papa, you don't have to leave! You don't work!" She had me there! Don

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