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Scared.....the brain again......

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I updated a few weeks back, the doctors still don't know what the multiple white spots on her Brain MRI are. She has WBR for 1 tumor, and after it was completed they found multiple spots on her MRI. They are going to do another MRI this Sunday to see if it looks more clear. She has been experiencing nausea and some vomiting and some slight headaches since then. I PRAY it's just the stress that are causing these symptoms, I looked up brain cancer on-line and it said the brain cancer can cause these symptoms. The doctor told us that if it is cancer - the only other option would be a brain chemo that is only 20% effective. This is so not fair, and I feel like I'm in a nightmare and I need to wake up. She did so well for the past year that I almost forgot she had this.

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Steph my best hopes are with you. Please keep up your spirits. Even worst case scenario, chemo is still a real option---20% effective is obviously not optimal but it is a real something. Not to mention, by your description, it sounds like she had a pretty good response to chemo in the first instance---you need to believe that her response would again be a good one.

In the last month since my dad was out of the blue dx'd with stage 4 nsclc with brain mets I've had many many of the worst days of my life and April was easily the worst month of my life closely followed by May. Since then if I want to scare myself or panic, I think things like "this is a living nightmare, I can't believe this is happening." No matter what happens, I try now not to let my mind wander into that state---and believe me, sometimes its hard. So if you need to go there, go there. But resist it if you can. Stay strong.

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I'm so sorry you are having all of these fears. We just found out that my dad has 2 small lesions on the brain. He was having some headaches and dizziness and vomitting. He is currently undergoing WBR for them. I was under the impression that they were going that route was because it was less likely that there would be recurrences. I pray that it's not that. Please keep us posted.

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