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What little things make you happy?


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When we moved here last August, I spluged a bit and bought office furniture for my home office...I mean the real kind and not the kind you snap together! LOL

It was from the Christopher Lowell collection at Office depot and I have this lovely expensive desk chair made of bleached wood with leather covered seat and arms.

Anyway, for 10 months now my back had been KILLING me. I am so short (5'2) that I have to jack the chair all the way up and when I do that, because of the arms on the chair, it won't fit under the desk!!

I've been leaning forward for 10 whole months! We are talking sometimes 12 hours a day on the computer in this awful (albeit beautiful, chair) and my back has been killing me!!!

I've been too embarrassed to complain about it since it was what I wanted...didn't want to hear "I told you so" from the Rickster.

SO, today on my way home I see a COMP USA going out of business....I find a blue dusty task chair (With NO arms) marked $35.

At the register after the discounts, I got it for $1.17

WoW! You can't beat that.

It doesn't match, it's kinda plain and ugly, but boy it feels GREAT. My feet are under my desk!!!

It's true. It's the little things that can make us so happy. What little things make you happy?

Have a happy day everyone.

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The little Ceramic Bunny and the Dog whose welcome sign light up at nite make me smile whenI come and go from the house now.

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Fixing little things around the house. Putting a fence board back in and having it stay - regluing a sprinkler pipe that came loose.

Oh, and bargains! Whoopee for your chair. Yes, that would thrill me.

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My grandbabies make me very happy, playing the Mountain Dulcimer makes me happy, (when I hit the right notes anyway!), going fishing, walking in the woods, puppies and kittens, watching the sun rise in the morning, listening to my old "one-eyed" rooster crow, and rain at night.

Good job on getting that chair for a dollar! Wow!!!


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