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Moved onto Cycle 2 of trial


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Hi all,

I just wanted to give an update on this trial I'm on. The first cycle of Abraxane and Rapamyacin was five weeks long and the side effects were minimal. Mainly bowel issues. My hair that began to grow back has fallen out again unfortunately. Otherwise I continued to work and have felt generally okay. Just a little tired. On the fifth week, I had another PET scan and it showed no new mets and that my Adrenal Gland tumor was less hot. Suv 11 from SUV 13. My doctor calls that good news and I get to continue on the trial. Not sure if I call it good news but at least it is not spreading. I just completed week 1 of cycle 2. Also just had a repeat Brain MRI as a precaution and Brain MRI is good-no mets. Anyhow, I'm thinking about all of you and continue to pray for the miracle cure that we all deserve.


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Thanks for the good news. I am so pleased the trial is working for you. You continue to amaze me with all you do while still going through treatment.

Keep up the good work and I pray for continued good results for you.


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Thank you for doing this!! Glad you are doing as ok as can be under the circumstances and that you are feeling good. Sending Prayers for continued good news and GREAT results.

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