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Tarceva Side Effects

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My mom started Tarceva last weekend. Mid way through the week the nasty skin rash decided to rear its ugly head. By Friday it was getting pretty bad and now, she just looks miserable. We knew it was a side effect so there were no surprises. But today is mothers day and she doesnt feel like she can go out in this state. It makes me sad. Did any of you find anything that helped with the skin rash? It's not just red and blotchy. She has hundreds of white heads. Her nose is the worst. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Check out Lindiskin.com. My mom tried the face serum on her rash. It didn't take it away completely but she said it was very soothing and helped with moisturizing it. She also got some very thick cream/lotion to use from the clinic she goes to. Not sure what it was called though. She said that seems to help too. Good luck!

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Thanks for all your help. I'm frustrated because mom won't call the onc. She's worreid that he will take her off it or make her take a lesser dose. I know she's so scared. She said it's not that bad, it just looks bad. But I know it's so bad right now that she won't leave the house. ARG!!! It's never easy is it?!? I'm going to look up some of the over the counter things you have mentioned.

Thanks again!


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