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I Need Some Encouragement

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My dad is still in ICU after almost three weeks. They put him back on the ventilator because his breathing still wasn't where they wanted it to be. And they also put him on maximum sedation so that he could rest. Throughout the week, everytime the meds wore off he would get agitated and they would have to pump him back up with sedatives. They also started him on Gemzar the first day he was put back on the machine.

He has been on the ventilator a week now and he is still under sedation. His oxygen level is fine, fluctuating between 94% and 98% but he has been having fevers off and on since restarting chemo. His temp got up to 104 on yesterday and they had to put a cooling blanket on him. After coming back from out of town yesterday I noticed that his face looked kinda hollow and sunken in like he is losing a lot of weight. I feel like once we get one thing under control something else pops up. It didn't help when yesterday the nurse said that with the chemo, "it is more likely that he will get sicker before he gets better." :(:(:(

I just needed to vent because you all are the only ones who would understand.


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I know how exhausting it is emotionally to watch a loved one struggle with all of this garbage. I hope that things stabilize quickly for your Dad.

Gemzar caused high fevers in my husband too.

At least you know your Dad is receiving the best care possible. They are being aggressive with him and that's good.

Hang in their kiddo,


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I'm so sorry that your dad is having these problems. It sounds like he's a real fighter and I hope he can get past this very soon. This cancer stuff sucks and I just hate it! I wish that no one had to go through this.

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