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Should I be scared???


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Hi gang...sorry I haven't been here for a while...haveing some problem's here on the home front...family with health problem's

Now me????....Should I be scared?...Who ME???...nah!! yeah right!!

I went for a follow up to my GP and he ran some blood work....got a letter from him today...wants to see me again in early June to run it again...Seems my Sed rate..(ESR) is elevated....I know this could be nothing...as I have my MOm who we just celebrated her 95 BD...and Praise God...she is wonderful....still very vibrant...does all her own cooking cleaning etc etc...writes her own checks...

Anyway...she has always' carried a high Sed Rate...so I am hoping it is hererity...BUT...when my sed rate was high a few years back...that is when my Doc ordered a CT scan and found the LC....

So I am kind of jittery about this....not paranoid..just anxious...like (zanax) time...I have to go back early June for a retest so please think positive for me and keep me in your prayer's...

Thanks guys...love you all....PamS/Nonni

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I also am praying that everything is okay. Please try not to stress yourself out over something that is unknown right now. Most likely everything will be fine.


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I know it's easy to have the bad feelings but look at it this way - if your doctor was really worried, he would have sent you for some tests rather than wait till June.

I'm sure everything will be fine when he runs it again, or maybe its just elevated for no reason..

Thinking of you!

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Thanks guys for all your responses...It is soo wonderful to come here when I have a 'bogger' in the back of my head...You are the best!!!!!...Thanks for all the great support...xoxoxox

Blaze...Sed Rate is a type of blood test that tells if you have inflamation or infection some where...The norm in 20...When they found my LC it was 70...After more research...tells me a high sed can come from many things such as arthirtis which I have acquired in my hands since my surgery....so hoping it is THAT or better yet nothing....

Can someone send me Dr West site so I can ask him...thanks

Love to all...praying for a cure as alway's...Pam/Nonni

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