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lost my mom and best friend


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Joan was such a wonderful woman.........and I considered her a friend as well. I am heartbroken, and at the same time, in awe of all you've done for your Mother. You have spent much quality time with her these past months, and I hope that will give you some degree fo comfort as you now travel this next leg of the difficult LC journey.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers as you have been for quite some time now. And thank you, Dana, for allowing me to be connected these past months too.

I am at a loss for any more words right now. I am just so very sorry, Dana.



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Thoughts Prayers and Condolences. I know so many will be so sad to hear this Joannie is loved by many here. Take Care of yourself and be safe in these next few days. It will be hard, but if you need us we are always here for a shoulderr to cry on. :cry:

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Oh Dana Iam so sorry. I was dreading this post even though it was inevitible. My heart breaks from this news. I considered your mom a friend. She was so beautiful and lived her life to the fullest but not nearly long enough.

My deepest condolences goes out to you and your family.

I wish I had some words of comfort to give to you but all I can say is that I will miss her and her presence on here will be sadly missed as she was such a thoughtful women who had help so many through difficult times.

Please take comfort in family and friends. We are always here for you.

This is so sad. I'll miss you so much Joanie...

Maryanne :cry:

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I am so very sorry to read this news. Although I never met Joanie in person, I feel we knew each other so very well. I once told her that we must be connected by heartstrings. She was such a sweet, caring person and always managed to worry about how others were doing, even when she was having bad days. I know that she will truly be missed by all that loved her from this board. You have been so blessed to have the love of such a wonderful mom. Please let your dad know that we are here for both of you, should you need us!!!

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I'm echoing what others have said, but your mom was truly a treasure for us here. I just don't know what to say except how much she will be missed....but I guess you know that already. You were such a help to her. You are all in my prayers.


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