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No mouse ears for me


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What a bummer.......I was all set for my cyroablation on Wednesday, then I got a phone call yesterday to say that the representative of the company had a family emergency so it was no go on my procedure.

I could have rescheduled it for for next week or the week after but unfortunately we are moving at the end of June and that would have taken me too close to our moving date.......I'm good but I'm not superwoman, I just didn't see how I could handle surgery about 5 days before the movers came in.

So there we go, my surgery will hopefully be brought forward and I'll have more healing time before the upheaval. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement but that's life, sometimes it just doesn't work out.

Now.......if we had a house to move into we'd be golden!


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Sorry, Geri. So you are progressing forward MINUS the frozen boob part????? Any downside to that? And how come no house yet???? I've been wondering what color my room was so I could go shopping for curtains and a matching comforter :wink: !

Talk to you soon.


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I'm with Andrea on this one, SUCK A DUCK! BUMMER! BUMMER! BUMMER! ((((((GERI)))))))

SO, do you want to have a MOVING PARTY? I just want to get a party going, and if we can do THAT and move all at the same time, then I say, LETS PARTY! We could get you moved in no time! Then again, maybe not!!! TEEHEEHTEEHEE! :P:lol::wink:

Your in my prayers Geri! This really does STINK!

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