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Another trip to the hospital


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Well, I ran a fever the weekend before last. Then it went away but I was feeling sorta sick. Forward to last Thursday night, we're about 100 miles away from NYC up in the mountains. I cough and blood comes up. We left Friday morning (which was also my 54th birthday) and went to my dr. in Manhattan. He tells me to check into the hospital. So, I was in for three days, treated with intravenous antibiotics. They feel it was a bacterial infection and the surgeon wasn't inclined to go into the opening he created in my lung last October. He said my Xray was fabulous and I could go home with antibiotics and see him on Friday, 5/18. So I went home after spending 3 days in my "home away from home." It seems that, at least for me, being a survivor entails going thru these "mini emergencies" every couple of months. But, coughing up blood does scare me. So hopefully on Friday, he'll get a good look at the surgical hole in my back and tell me it will close soon. Dealing with bacterial infections seems to have become a big part of my suvival. I seem to be succeptable to infections due to the fragile status of my radiated lung. Maybe many other people who have had radiation deal with this as well.

Joanie ((()))

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I am so sorry to hear that infection is bothering you again. Hopefully they can give you some antibiotics that can knock it out this time. Take care.


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Geez, Joanie.......you just can't get enough of that place, can ya???? Glad you are home AND hoping all is good for now. How about getting all of this BEHIND you and start enjoying life...........whaddayasay???

I am leading he cheers for you, Joanie.


PS: Happy belated B-Day!!!!! 54 is a VERY good year!

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Wow Joanie, You just passed your 5th year. That is great! :)

I wonder if there is a wound center that could help that site heal up. What does your family doc say about all this?

I hope that thing heals soon. Prayers for Joanie tonight, prayers for healing of her scar.


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Joanie, you seem to have a magnet in your scar that keeps pulling you back to the hospital. If I were you I would depolarize it for a while. Hopefully they will find nothing wrong except this infection and the antibiotics will heal it quickly.


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