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Anxiety attacks

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Anyone know much on this?

Can it all be just in the mind? MIL experiencing SOB each night about the same time upon waking. Radiolgist says he sees nothing in chest xray to be causing this, medical Onc not notified yet. MIL has cancerous lymphs on airpassage that radiologist hasnt mentioned........but then this only happens at night........

Anyway I read a previous post here about this just wondering if anyone else has input or new findings? MIL has appointmet in 2 weeks with reg med doc to discuss, which I thought was weird........shouldnt Oncology handle this?

Oh the never ending symptoms and concerns.........

Thanks for any thoughts,

Beat it!!

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Does she have chest pain every time she lays down? If so, that could be something in her body. If it's about the time she heads to bed or gets up, it's probably all in her head. In my world, we always rule out "critters" and then look for what else it could be.

Early on, I had problems shutting off my brain and going to sleep. Seems that when the noises of a busy day quieted down, the statistics danced in my head and the nasty doubts bushwhacked me. I talked to my primary care provider and she gave me a prescription for Xanax (anxiety) and Ambien (sleep aid). If I took both, my brain would shut up and let me sleep...

Another manifestation of anxiety can be a tight band around the chest feeling - not feeling like you can get enough air into your lungs....

Worth talking to the medical team about - rule out malignancy, treat the mental aspects.

Good luck!

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It is so amazing what the mind can do to us. However I'd want to rule out all physical first.

Maybe you can leave a message with the oncologist yourself with what is going on and see if he wants to see her sooner.

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Mom has anxiety attacks...we don't always know what triggers them. The important thing to remember is that, during a true attack, the body overacts and kicks into full gear. Mom's heart beats faster, she breathes shallower, her bp races. It isn't a situation where she can just be told to 'relax' and it will all be better. She has a physical response to the chemicals floating around in her at that time that only respond to other chemicals. We love Xanax.

I emphasize this b/c Mom used to get very frustrated that she couldn't just 'buck up' and ride these out. It took a long time before she was comfortable taking the meds. She's over that now. I don't know if your mom is having anxiety attacks or not, but they are real. I'd surely make sure the dr. knows.

God luck with it, and keep us posted!

:) Kelly

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Hi Beat it.

I'm going out on a limb, but I see she's had chest pain on left side too.

Sometimes if our heart is failing or weakened, then when we lie down the fluid begins to collect in our lung/heart area and that can cause sob. It doesn't happen right away, maybe a few hours after going to bed.

Chemo and radiation can weaken the heart. Have you checked her ankles for swelling?

Just my two cents.


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It could very well be anxiety attacks. I started (recently), not being able to swallow food! I could feel starved, and I could "chew" food, but when it came to "swallowing it", I'd feel like I was going to choke.

I was losing weight right along with Harry, and because I have Crohn's disease, and only weigh 104 on a good day, that was bad for me!

My doctor said it sounded like anxiety attacks, and gave me a prescription. It has helped.

But they also told Harry that the radiation he was getting, would damage his heart, so it would be good to get hers checked out. When in doubt, call and demand an appointment! (I've become so much more aggressive with doctors, since Cancer came into our lives!) :oops:

Good luck finding out what it is. Please let us know.


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