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I am asking that everyone remember our friend Estelle, a member of this board. I saw Estelle today. She was walking right in front of me, as I entered Walmart. Her neice was with her, as were other members of her family. Although Estelle was walking, she was being assisted by her neice. Estelle finished her radiation yesterday, for 4 brain lesions. She has a chest and abodomen CT Scan scheduled for next Wednesday and a brain scan coming up in a month.

Although Estelle appeared to be happy, I could tell that she is in pain. She can not walk on her own and has to be assisted whenever she does walk. Her speech was slurred.

Estelle used to work with my wife, at Walmart. I went and got my wife and she and Estelle had a few minutes together. My wife and Estelle have come very close becuase of Estelle's lung cancer and the simularities that Estelle and I have.

Estelle needs our prayers, so please remember her as you pray for others every day.

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