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Finger nail infection?


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My mom seems to have developed an infection on her fingernail area. It is pretty red. She has been putting neosporin on it. She says she thinks it is from the Tarceva. Has anyone else experienced this? Should she be going to the doctor for it?


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The same thing has happened to me many times. I would let her doc know and maybe he could give her a medications that will be more effective. I used a topical antibiotic as well. Usually clears up in a few days.

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Anytime something NEW developes and causes concern, it's ALWAYS best to call her Onc's office. Even the nurses can help you. Just try to remember, "When in doubt CALL the Onc's Office." She's paying a lot of money to be taken care of, and they need to know when new things pop up.

Infections of any kind should be mentioned to her doctor. Let them decide what is serious or not, and let them give you and your mom peace of mind.

Best of luck!

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I also have fingernail problems and was told by someone to use Tea Tree Oil on them and it really has helped. I asked my doctor first and he told me to try it but didn't have much hope that it would help.

I do my best to prove him wrong every chance I can. :lol: I now do my chemo with my fingers in ice water. I think it was his way of paying me back for him being wrong. :shock:

I would ask the your mom's doctor before trying anything.

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I'm not familiar with Tarceva causing nail infections. I hope your Mom calls the doctor.

For those who are on the fingernail problem chemos, here is what the chemo nurse outlined for us. (Glad to hear it helped Sherry!) Hope it works for others.


Rub neosporin/triple antibiotic ointment into cuticles and nails 1-2 x per day. Use a clear coat nail hardener.

If nails begin to separate:

Do above and also put tea tree oil under the nails 2-3 x per day. Keep your hands out of water. The fungus thrives on water. Wear gloves.

If nails turn black and/or smell, the fungus has arrived:

Soak your fingers in 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water solution 2-3 x per day and put the tea tree oil under the nails also 2-3 x per day.


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