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Today is a Victory Day


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A friend of ours has started a company...an encouragment company, of all things. I know it sounds strange, but it is neat. He sends a midweek encouragement via email for those who sign up. Below is the one for this week...if you have any interest in getting signed up the information to do so is at the end of it.

Issue #99 Just Another Calendar Day

Recently I was having a conversation with a young lady when she said something that really intrigued me. We were talking about our schedules and I was telling her how hectic mine can be with everything that I have going on, plus balancing family and church life. When out of her mouth comes, “What’s the big deal it’s just another calendar day.” Now if you know me that struck a nerve. I said, “What do you mean just another calendar day?” She went on to say, “The days are going to come and go anyways why make a big deal out of them.” Then she said, “People have birthdays, anniversary’s, mother’s day, and etc. every year so what if you miss one.” At this point in time I really started to wonder is this the main line thinking across our county and our world.

After I picked myself up off the floor and recovered from shock with some water and a cold pack I decided that it was time to shift this young lady’s perspective and thinking on life. I went on to tell her that this ride we’re on, the one around the sun, isn’t forever we only get so many times around and we have to make the most of them every time. There are no do overs. When the alarm clock or opportunity clock (I like to call it the opportunity clock because I would rather wake up to an opportunity than an alarm going off. Alarms are made to do just that alarm someone of a problem or hazard. Change your thinking for tomorrow morning and wake up to opportunities in your life and not alarms.) goes off we have a choice to make. We can either go through the day just like yesterday and continue on that path until it’s time to get off this ride we call life or we can make the choice to make today matter. We can make the choice to spend our day wisely. I explained to her that just the other day I heard some meaningless fact on the radio that it was 12:34 on 5/6/07 they were in awe that this was the only time the clock and the calendar will ever be 1234567. I didn’t get too jazzed because I knew that at 12:35 on 5/6/07 it was going to be the last time for that group of numbers too. Some people put to much emphasis on certain points and they don’t realize that they are all important.

At this point in time things are starting to click with this young lady but she wasn’t quite there yet. So I told her how every morning before I leave the house I tell my kids that today is their victory day and how I encourage them to make good choices and to make today count. She asked me, “What do you mean make today count?” I reiterated that we only get one shot at each day and to make it worth it. I told her that doesn’t mean trying to save the world everyday but it does mean try and make a difference either in your life, your family’s life, in your community and or your business. It doesn’t have to be much, some days it might be smiling at someone having a bad day or complementing someone feeling down or maybe helping someone that needs it. I told her how some days I might just share a piece of advice with someone struggling and some days I maybe saving the world just ask my kids when they’re late for a soccer game.

Finley I had made the deposit I was looking for and she got it and made the choice that she to would make today matter. She decided that she wouldn’t waste anymore days by thinking they were just another calendar day. When we were all said and done I looked back on my day and smiled knowing that I truly did make today count.

My encouragement this week is: don’t let it be just another calendar day. Today does matter so make it count because someone is counting on you to make a difference.

Thank you,

Brad Burdette

P.S. Don’t forget what’s today? A VICTORY DAY.

Ask someone else as well; it will help change your attitude and theirs.

What’s today? A VICTORY DAY!

If this email has helped you to grow, motivated you, or inspired change, let someone else know. Forward this midweek encouragement to them and send me their email, they would be a welcome addition. info@thevictoryday.net Also if you would like to be removed from the list just let me know.

Also if you have not been receiving this midweek encouragement on a regular basis let me know.

© Brad Burdette; Victory and Co. 2007

Help get someone signed up just email info@thevictoryday.net

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