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Hi! I am still here-lurking most times

Cindy RN

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I thought I would drop a note and let you all know I am still here and doing well.

As of this day I have been 6 yrs and 3 mos since my diag. See below to see treatment if you do not remember me, ha!!

I have married off 2 kids and had one grad from college since that first day I was diag. Never thought I would see 50, but yet my kids gave me a surprise party for it!

Right now I am getting things ready for our Relay for Life team. It is the first "SURVIVORS!" team we have had. Should be fun.

I pray that my old OLD friends are doing well, I check in often tho have been busy with LIFE and not a lot of time to post!! That is good news!

Please remember that ext sclc is NOT a death sentence, I was diag in 2001 and relapsed in 2003 but have been in remission since Aug 2003. Praise God.

Good luck and prayers for all the new ones on here.

Cindy (my pic of Roxy should be updated to include her baby we kept-BOB-what a name!)

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It is so good to hear from Ya'll again. Missed frequently and glad your ok Sounds like great news to me all around. BIG WOOOOHOOOOO

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Hey girl, good to hear from you and SO GLAD all is well!

Looking at your bio below, we are almost soul sisters!

My DOB 3/12/56 (Really happy to see 50)

diagnose date 4/24/01

but I don't have grandkids yet, which is good since he isn't out of college


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You are what kept us going through all of this...

My Mom is going to get on here soon to do the same for others. She has come along way the past 8 months and now wants to give others hope.

Keep us posted when you can...


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I have only just joined the forum recently as my mum has extensive SCLC. I have gone from being in a state of total devastation (first news of diagnosis) to a state of hope. This is due to this site and the wonderful people such as yourself who share their experiences and dont forget to return with their good news. You , and people like you, are spreading the much needed hope which is so important to all of us in these difficult times.

Best of luck to you an go enjoy life !

Debbie x

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Hi, Cindy:

I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well! You are such an inspiration to all of us! YOO HOO as I think Don says sometimes - 6 years! How wonderful, and it gives all of us great hope!

Thank you for sharing, and sending prayers to you now that you will continue to do well. Now you go on out and celebrate!


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