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Getting to Know You - May 17


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Oh Debbie how sad. Although you know if I did wash my gerbil it would probably stop about 50% of arguments with my son! :twisted: But I could never do it on purpose.

I guess the thing I have washed was a tampon. I think pretty standard thing isn't it?


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Well, I almost washed my Siamese cat once. I had out some clothes in the washer and had the water running. I thought of a couple more things I needed to toss in and ran back to the hamper for them. While I was gone, my curious cat jumped into the washer and when I cam back he was sitting in the washer, screaming his head off and was soaking wet. I have no idea why he didn't jump out, as he easily jumped in!!!

Like Ginny, I have this really bad habit of "laundering" my money. At work, I always carry money in my pocket and then I forget to take it our when I get home. I usually remember to check but sometimes forget.

Thanks for missing me, Ginny!!! Makes me feel loved!!!

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