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A Slippery Slope: Need Some Advice


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Now we are in a difficult position :?:? . They need to get my dad off the ventilator so that they can proceed with treatment. They put him back on the ventilator after some breathing difficulties and sedated him to calm him down. Everytime the sedation wore off, he would get agitated again, causing his oxygen level to go down and his heart rate to go up. He was sedated for 11 days. The doctor said that the sedation wouldn't bother him and would be the best thing for him at this point so that he would have time to rest and his lungs would heal.

Well, they took him off the sedation fully yesterday and he didn't wake up. The doctors said that since he had been sedated for so long it would take awhile to wear off and that if he did not wake up in 24 hours they would then be concerned. After about 4 hours, the sedatives were wearing off but he began getting agitated again, breathing harder, etc. so they put him back on so we didn't get a chance to see if he would fully come back to consciousness (sp?). He is on fenatyl(sp?)

So they are trying it again today. The pulmonary doctor on the critical care team discussed using different medications to sedate him that would calm him down but would be more mild. Has anyone heard of twilight sedation or know of any other meds that would give my dad a soothing effect without knocking him out? I am really concerned at this point about his mental state after using these drugs. Plus, we need to act quickly so that he can start treatment again.



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Sorry about the catch-22 your Dad is in right now with the ventilator.

The only twilight I'm aware of is when they do a procedures like a colonoscopy. I was knocked out, but easily woken up after the procedure. (Woke up during too.) I think my son also was under twilight during his ACL replacement. It is far lighter then regular anesthesia, but you are definitely "out".

Many thoughts and prayers for success with a new type of sedation for your Dad.

Warm regards,


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They are sedating your dad so he won't fight the tube in his throat. It is only natural that he wakes up agitated because he wants the thing out of there and he can't speak. Years ago my father was on a vent and he said it was hard, as he'd start to come to- he would get knocked out again. He made us promise never to put him back on one (and we didn't). I hope the anesthesiologist comes up with something to wean you dad off-- I know it's hard to see him like that.

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When they removed my right lung I was put on a ventilator. They were supposed to remove it before I woke up but the Fentanyl they were using was to heavy for me. I was completely out. When I would wake up I would fight the tube and they tied me down which made me even madder. They finally told my middle daughter and my wife that when I woke up the next time to tell me that I had to stay awake for 20 minutes on my own without fighting the tube and no external stimuli (TV or such) and they would take it out. Took some doing but I did it. From then on they only used lighter medications to knock me out and if they used the other it was in a very small dose. Hope this helps.


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Well, Raplh. I defintely have an idea now of what Rochelle's dad is going through and what you went through. It sounds scary.

Rochelle, I hope your dad can find a mellow way to come off the ventillator. I had one for my recent fiducial placement and thankfuly it was gone by the time I woke up.

Don M

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