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Can use a spare prayer for my babies...


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As many of you know, we are expecting twins with a surrogate. Due date is July 4 (38 weeks is the longest twins go).

We just got back from a doctor visit and at 31 weeks in Randi's tummy Jacob is now 25% smaller than Elizbath which raises red flags. Jacob is only 2lb 10oz and Elizabeth is 3lb 7oz. Jacob measures only 3% on the chart for his weight/length. Elizabeth is 16% on the chart. What makes this more unusual is the boy is typically bigger.

They are going to closely monitor Randi. We go back twice a week now for testing. I asked if Jacob was going to be ok. One doctor annoyed the dog poop out of us by saying "only the Lord knows.". The more normal doctor said he hopes so and to take it week by week.

Thanks for any spare prayers you may have :)

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Prayers for everything good. Twins can often be different weights and be perfectly fine.

The babies will gain a lot of weight in the upcoming weeks. Mine were born prematurely at 35 wks and weighed 5.0 & 5.1. Doc's were surprised at the good weights for 35 weeks and how even their weights were. A lot can happen in the next few weeks! Hang in there.


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I have just returned from a big extended family event - a wedding, in fact - in which I was escorted down the aisle by a 12 year old cousin that was born at 2.8 pounds 12 years ago. He is now a handsome, smart, charming young man who has no idea of the anxiety he brought to all of us all of those years ago.

I ask for all blessings possible for your babies, and pray that your biggest worry in 12 years is whether he can be starting or second pitcher on his little league team in several years, as our John's is today.

Have faith, and know that we are all rooting for these babies, and that it can all work out very well.


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prayers, girlie. for what it's worth, a friend of mine had IVF twins where the boy twin was much smaller than the girl. they were delivered at 36 weeks and both are fine now! he's just about caught up in weight. I know your fear, though. hang in there.

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