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Here is a big surprise announcement folks!!!


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Herpes Virus May Help Treat Cancer

May 18, 2007 03:33 PM EDT

From the KOLD News 13 Newsroom

The herpes virus is good at getting into a person's body.

Why not try to use it to get into cancer, and kill the disease.

In London, after 10 years of research, scientists have genetically modified the herpes virus and injected it into a handful of cancer patients.

The virus is changed so it seeks out and destroys cancer cells, but leaves healthy tissue alone.

It's used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation.

The vaccine still is experimental, and the patients will be closely monitored in the months ahead.

So far early results are good, and there have been no ill effects in the patients treated so far.

Doctors are using the virus to try to treat breast, lung, neck and several other common cancers.

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