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Groupings, things in threes, odd occurances...


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has anyone had odd things happen like other members in your family coming down with cancer ect.... you know the old saying death seem to happen in 3's....

My Dad has Lung Cancer.... now it turns out that my niece has Cervical Cancer...now I wonder morbidly who's next what kind of Cancer is going to strike nextl :x

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I don't think its three's in this case. Some family are cancer prone. It must be in the genes.

My side of the family no cancer anywhere including aunts, uncles, bro, sis, cousins etc.

Joels side. His father Lung Cancer, Aunt and Uncle (his moms brother and sister) lung cancer, his mom colon cancer, his sister breast cancer. His first cousin just was diagnoised with bowel cancer another first cousin prostate cancer.

I just know everything is gene related. If you have weak lungs and you smoke that can cause the cancer. There are people who smoke like chimmeys in their 90's who never developed it. Go figure.

So you may find much more then 3 when it comes to cancers.

Maryanne :wink:

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Strange you asked.

When I finished treatment in April of 05, my mom waas diagnosed with breast cancer, 3 months after that, my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer...3 cancers all within a 3 month period

Things that make you go HMMM...

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Not so much in 3's but I agree with MaryAnn, it's in the genes. There has never been anyone with any cancer of any type in my husbands family but my family there are soo many of us. Lung cancer, melanoma, stomach cancer, prostrate cancer, cancer of the eye, Lymphoma and cancer of the vulva. Who knows what else.

What I did notice is that the year that I was diagnosed seemed to be a year of bad luck in my family and it seems our luck doesn't seem to get better.


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My dad is one of 12 and is 82 years old, the third oldest of the ones still living (has a sister 83 and a brother 85). The oly two gone are one who died at birth, one who died in WWII!!!

My mom is one of six. Everyone but her has died of cancer (cervical, stomach, brain, prostrate, and lung), including a sister at age 28. She now has lung cancer and survived bladder cancer in the 80s. Neither of her parents had cancer. Weird.

All I can say is, I hope I got my dad's genes!!!!

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