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Inspiration to fight...

Guest rse1961

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Guest rse1961

I don't post on here-really just read to keep up with a friend's dx and tx. But, tonight I felt compelled to share something after reading some posts.

My son is a freshmen at college this year and has always been an athlete.

Below is a copy of something he carried in his duffel bag all of his senior year to remind him to keep fighting for that win! He shared it with me last winter and I woud like to share it with you...

"The Little Man"

Within each of us there dwells a little man. He is small and shriveled with no chin and dark, beady eyes that dart back and forth as he nervously wrings his hands. He is envious and jealous, bickering and cowardly. Everything about him is small--except for his voice.

Here is a secret. Absolutely everyone hears him. He's the one saying to hit the snooze alarm and sleep for ten more minutes. "What does it matter if you are a little late?" It's him talking when you hear a voice tell you it won't matter if you miss a day. He has a lot of things to say. "It's too hot, too early, too tired." "It hurts, It's hard, It's Monday." "I'm too small, too slow." I give up." "I quit."

The little man risks nothing and wishes the same for you for in the frailty of human nature, he's given life and power. When it is hardest and you're behind in the fourth quarter, the third match, the seventh inning, the tie breaker, overtime, he's the loudest.

As formidable a foe as the Little Man is, you quiet him constantly. His voice grows more faint each time you shut off the alarm and crawl out of bed. Each time you stretch correctly, complete a rep set, finish a drill with effort, he has less to say. He starves as you grow stronger, faster, tougher. You finish the race-the game-the match with courage and each time you do, you kick dirt on the grave of the Little Man and you succeed. In his place, beats the heart of a CHAMPION.

Rest in Peace, Little Man

"I simply fought as I believe one ought to fight,

without a thought outside of my

own faith in what I was doing."

Cetawayo Warrior

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