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I haven't posted in a while...been in living hell. Mom was admitted to the hospital last week for dehydration due to severe nausea, vomiting, etc.... She had 2 grand mal seizures while hospitalized. CT and MRI show disease progression in her lung, now in liver, rib & spine. She was released from hospital on Friday. My grandparents are staying with her. She seems to be going downhill quick...and I'm angry, she's just too young. She wants to continue to fight and her Oncologist says were not out of options. But there is a new reality for her and us--lots of good conversations about her wishes, etc.... I'm grateful for that and am trying not to be to angry at the universe. It just doesn't feel like her time yet. We're still praying for a cure and lots of comfort. XOX Candy

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I'm sorry to hear of the progression for your mom. Angry is ok...and sometimes useful in pulling us through to the next step when we think we're out of umph! Use it to your advantage!!

Many prayers that the options will work wonders for your Mom!!

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Hi Candy,

I didn't really allow myself to get angry for the first few months of this nightmare, but now I can't help it and it happens quite frequently. I think it's important to just let it come sometimes, even if you don't know who to be angry at. I am happy for you that you're having meaningful time with your mom.

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I know it certainly is not fair!! Your mom has been fighting this all along. She is so lucky to have you by her side.

I am glad that you are able to converse with each other. That is so important.

We are always here for you.


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