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6 days into first round of chemo. dad says he feels worse than he ever has in his life... so I call the Dr asking what we should do.. no temp to indicate infection but he has been taking lortab for pain in his back so he decided that temp read wasnt reliable. and to go to the ER....

ER runs some tests and comes back with a BUN of 76 :shock: white cell of 2.3 which a DR says is ok...?? really? that low and its ok? wow so up goes the fluid... after consulting with the DR via Phone they decide to admit him. so we get a private room to limit germ contact ect... after all the admit paperwork I go to leave an I ask him if hes gonna be ok or if he wants me to stay... he growls I dont understand WHY I have to stay... I explained about his kidneys ect an he said Ill go home and drink more water :? ... not an option...

I feel like the whole roll reversal talkin to my kid telling him its for his own good....

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