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Leaving on a Jet Plane...


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Well, Saturday morning I 'm leaving on a business trip for a week so won't be on the board.

I'm nervous about flying but that's nothing new. Now, other than the plane crashing I have the additional visual of my lung exploding from the pressure or perhaps both happening. I called to confirm my hotel reservations yesterday and they had not been made by the company. :evil: And to make matters worse, all the hotel rooms in town were sold out due to a football game. Took 24 hours but they finally found me a bed & breakfast for Saturday night and then Sunday I check into the hotel for the week. They told me the Bed & Breakfast doesn't look like much but it's neat and tidy. This of course means that I will be sleeping with a chair under the doorknob and one eye open.

Hope all stay well and cross your fingers that my pilot knows what he's doing and my innkeeper isn't related to Norman Bates. :shock:

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Debi you have a great trip ---and write me when you get back

say hello to Norman for me (lol)

gosh and here you thought you were going to be living a life of luxury for a week--- :roll::roll:

talk to you soon

Go Yankees!!!!!!

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Hey Deb,

Have a nice time in the " boonie's, :shock::shock: ; will miss ya in chat next week; Just remember girl; your a SURVIVOR!

enjoy your week

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stage IIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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So Debi my friend you are going to miss tuesday nights with DavidA? How dare you! Hey have a good trip hope you get some leisure time too.'

Me I've flown once 103/4 years ago for our honeymoon, not in a big hurry to fly again, unless I got free plane ticket to australia.

Have fun!

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Thanks for all the well wishes!! I am going to miss chat this week! :cry::(

I'm starting to get a damn cough now...thinking maybe its just allergies. I am also feeling pain in my right breastbone...where I normally feel uncomfortable. I actually think that the numbness is going away and that is why I am starting to feel slight pain. Not even sure if you would call it pain...more like soreness...like the feeling you get when you cough alot and it hurts to cough cos you pulled a muscle or something. Since it does feel "alive" and not as numb anymore...I guess I won't complain. It would be nice to feel my chest again. :roll::oops: That's not going to sound good no matter HOW I word it...but you know what I mean!!

The cough was worrying me because I didn't want to get sick away from home and then I thought .. what am I thinking??? I'm going to miss this crack medical care they give me here??? I'm better off getting sick AWAY from here... I might have half a chance!!

Anyway, will miss all of you....

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Debi, Just saw your post and by now you are probably in that very nice Norman bed & breakfast having tea with his mom........

All kidding aside, how is your side, does it still hurt? If so go have it checked out. Buddy's has hurt since the oper 9/11/02 and am going to look into a pain block whatever that is. His lung dr the other day told him about that. We are to tell the new onc to look into it for him.

Who has your little one? Wished I lived nearby, I would have watched him. He looks so darling.

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Hi Deb,

Wanted to wish you a safe trip -- I just got back from Las Vegas and had visions of my lung collapsing from the cabin pressure, but I assure you that nothing that exotic happened. It was an uneventful flight, as yours will be too!!

As far as your numbness/pain -- I too have been having that same thing. Seems that some of my numbness is wearing off and I keep getting little shooting pains all around, especially under my bra line. Driving me nuts! Surgeon assures me this is normal.......(whatever "normal" is....) :wink:

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