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Took mom to the Onc. to ge her scan results today. The primary tumor in her right lobe has shrunk from 3.2 cm to 2.3. There is no other evidence of disease and no additional mets. The scan of her spine showed the old mets gone ("killed" was the word he used.).

So the good news is that mom gets a break from chemo. She has had four rounds and the Dr. said that he wants to give her a break so that when the tumor begins to grow again she will be strong enough for the next round of treatment.

Of course we would have liked for it to be gone completely, but I'll take the shrinkage. She will be scanned again in August (3 months), but for now she has the summer off! :D

We are happy! Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement. Now we go into keep it stable mode.


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My tumor showed shrinkage like your mom's. When they did a PET scan they found that there was no uptake and said that the tumor was now scar tissue. Did they do a PET scan on your mom after the CT scan?

Stay positive, :)


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Susan, that's terrific news! Looking over her profile again, I get a very good feeling about your mom's treatment and response so far. The radiation did what it was supposed to do, the chemo is doing what it's supposed to do, her side effects have been pretty much "by the book," no emergency trips to the hospital for dehydration or nausea or infection or SOB, not much material for an exciting novel -- and isn't that wonderful! When someone responds that well to first-line treatment at age 77, I'd think there's more good news ahead.

Of course the back pain is there, bothersome and definitely not a picnic, but a separate issue. It's comforting in a way to be able to say her back problem is "just" compression fractures. Cancer certainly changes our perspective, doesn't it?

You folks have a great summer! Aloha,


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Thanks! We have been celebrating the good news--all week! I'm still in NC and will head back to Alabama tomorrow (Monday).

Ned--Thanks, I'm very encouraged too. I said CT, but she actually had PET as well. You are right about the "just compression fracture." Regular "Old lady osteoporosis" seems like case for celebration, when a year ago I found THAT diagnosis frightening. LC certainly changes your perspective.

Thanks again,


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