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white counts question


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my dad has been admitted to the hospital a few days ago... when admitted his count was 2.3 its now dropped to 1.5.... this all within 1 week of the first round of Chemo.

is this common?

if his counts keep dropping am I gonna end up in a mask, gown and gloves just to visit?

they have him on mld isolation procedures now...

how dangerous is it for him to be in the hospital since his counts are so low and infection cold be a major problem

Im worried that he could get some nasty bug in the hospital an die on me before we ever really start this fight... :(

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take the precautions of mask and gloves if possible. Is better safe than sorry. ASk about a neu;asta shot. This is a White blood cell booster shot. Very common to us here. Aranesp is for Red blood cells. The hospitalhas great filtrating systems in rooms usually. keeps air in room fresh for most part. Practice good hand washing and sanitiation practices when visiting. Remember, the hospital is a good place to get better sometimes. Keep after teh Docs. Try to find out when they make rounds and you can be ther when they do. I used to get up a 4 am for 5 am rounds for Debs Onc in morning. He was that busy all day long thats why so early.

1) good sanitiation.

2) Neulasta shot

3) be ther for rounds if posssible.

4) Sending prayers for quick recovery

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Keep up the faith. My mom also has been in the hospital, scary but they do take precautions to keep them as germ free as possible. There were a few days that I did wear the mask and stuff. Better safe then sorry.

I also wanted to add that I have been told counts are there lowest 7-10 days after chemo, then they should start to rebound.

Hope this helps, stay positive!!

My prayers are with you and your family,


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My dad had a few of these. Yes, we did have to wear white gloves and the whole nine yards...but not every time. Only once did it get that bad.

Have faith, and know that if it is kicking him in the butt, it is probably also kicking the cancer in the butt too!

Bless you!


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So sorry that the chemo has hit your Dad so hard. This has to be the pits for him to be stuck in the hospital. You just never know how each person will react. Tony was (and continues to be) very fortunate in the good marrow department. He went eleven cycles of doublets before receiving any blood boosters.

Aren't they giving your Dad Neulasta or Neupogen for the WBC? If his counts are tanking this badly on the first chemo, then they will probably do the Neulasta on the day after chemo each cycle. At least I hope so! :shock:

Best wishes to get him home to his own germs soon.


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The body sometimes has to adjust to all of this. Basically the Chemo is a toxin. The body is fighting the cancer and all of a sudden a new guest shows up. This being the chemo. It sends the body into a shock state where things go crazy. The body has to adjust to this new treatment that it has never had before.

Just to give you an idea how strong chemos are, I once met a n older gent at the lab with Deb one day and we were chatting. He said he had to get a note from his Oncologist who was Debs also, in order to fly. He told me that the number of chemo treatments he had been through would actually set off "sniffer detectors" at the airport and he was flying to Oklahoma Cancer center for third opinion to be safe and back up his Oncologist in NC's plan of attack.

Point is, this Chemo thing is new to the body. Immune cells arte already weak and now ther is something new in the body. They, (the White Blood cells), need to realize the chemo is to help and not hurt.

Sending Prayers and hope all is well.

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his counts bounced back up from 1.5 up to 3 so he is still on neutropenic precautions but they discharged him this afternoon after his other labs came back being negative for any infection.

now we fight diarrhea that WILL NOT stop! he is taking lomotil and he is still having loose stools...Im suprised that they let him out considering...

so now I have to watch for dehyration too...

** sigh** I bought some Depends... dont know if I can get him to use them tho :roll: ...

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Ask about testing for colitis Dificile. also known as C.Diff. This s a very serious condition that could land back in hospital. Is a bacterial imbalance in the digestive system. if untreated properly can land in ICU with antibiotics, and fluids to fight dehydration. Hope it is nothing serious ,but you may want to ask anyway to be safer than sorry. Sending Prayers. RandyW

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