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Gamma Knife Response


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My mom had her original tumor (1.3 cm)surgically removed in January and then had WBRT for 3 weeks following (with 2 week break for wound to heal). Follow up CT scan indicate small brain lesion 1 mm at same spot of original tumor... regrowth of original tumor...decided against surgery and completed gamma knife procedure instead. Should I expect tumor to disappear altogether or does it just sit stable (and hopefully dormant). I was expecting it to break up and disappear but neurosurgeon claims most don't... any thoughts or commendts?

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Guest Kaylei

In the past year I have had five of them Gamma Knifed and one with some kind of localized radiation for ten days. I guess I seem to grow a batch each spring!

First batch: June 2006/3 mets:

One of the first three was big, almost too big for Gamma but they zapped it along with the two small ones. It took a long time until it started to shrink. It did stay stable even though it didn't shrink. I don't think it will ever go away. I had a lot of edema with that big one too. Needed Decadron and anti seizures for about three months.

Second batch: March 2007/3 mets:

All real small. The localized radiation one is nothing but a blur. Other two with Gamma are stable but with edema so its back on decadron and anti seizures.

Original batch of three are still shrinking with two out of three almost gone.

No other new ones on latest MRI in May.

And all the ones I have are stable or shrinking. Doc said something about how they die from the inside out but can just remain there and do no harm.

Oh, and I'm one of the ones that ALWAYS gets a small bald spot wherever I was Gamma Knifed! I hear that most people don't. Takes three months before my hair will grow again in that spot each time.

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