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6 Weeks After Chemo and the Results Are...


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Good! I'm slightly shrunken or stable via CT on Avastin only! Praying for lots more of these reports because this drug is so easy. I just feel normal. My one problem is feeling short of breath and trying to yawn - Anxiety probably. Just started 2 days ago. I'm trying to calm myself down. My doctor's positive there's no medical reason for it. Praying for us all...


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I don't know what meds you are on, but I have read on numerous occasions that anti-depressants can make you yawn. My sister said Paxil did that to her at first, but gradually stopped. It is something to do with the muscles in your jaw...I think.

By the way, GREAT NEWS! I am very happy for you. Stay positive!


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That is great news!

When you say yawn, are you talking about the sensation of trying to take a deep breath and then yawning to see if you can get a deep breath but can't? If so, I get that from anxiety often.

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I totally get the yawn thing too. When I am really worried about something, I notice it. Then I worry about that! But if I am busy doing other things I don't even notice it.

Congrats on the good test results! Praying for more and more good news coming your way!

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