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Pet Scan This Morning


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I'm scheduled to go for a PET scan this morning and I'm nervous because I get the sense I will not like what I hear. I went for a CT scan on Tuesday and my onc told me that there is thickening of the pleura and a nodule on my right lung. The radiologist did not absolutely think it was disease but today they may have a better idea after the PET scan. Don't think I'll hear from my oncologist today though probably Tuesday. I get scared because everytime I hear bad news I worry about whether the dr.'s can stop the advance before it moves too far. I hate this disease.


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My oncologist gave me the results of my PET scan yesterday and I was left with not much information.

It appears the Dr.'s are unsure of what is in the scans. They compared previous PET Scans as well as the CT scan from last week. The CT scan showed thickening of the pleura and a nodule on my right lung where I had the lobectomy. The radiologist thought it was consistent with an infection such as TB and I was tested for that. Came back negative. PET scan shows that there is no change from previous PET scan, and apparently they saw the pleura thickening and nodule in the last PET scan but didn't mention it because they don't believe it to be cancerous. Now they are not sure. Four doctors have looked at the scans and aren't impressed. (whatever that means). Anyhow, they decided to test me for TB again and postpone my treatment. So in a way it is good news because they haven't said it is cancer but bad news because they don't really know and what if it is. I'm sooooo confused. Adrenal gland tumour is unchanged from the last PET scan.


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