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My friend Tina


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Got your Message. I am sad yuou are leaving but happy that things are progressing with the foundation. I know how things are.

Publically saying THANK YOU TINA!!!!!!! I'll miss you and wish you success with these projects and all your endeavours. Gods speed, prayers, Love, Joy, Happiness and Hugs from RandyW

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Guess I missed this too. You are a wonderful advocate for ALL of us connected in some way with LC, Tina. Best of luck to you. May four Breath of Life be more successful than you ever imagined.

You will be so missed. Remember we are always here if you feel the need. Gosh, this is hard.


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Know that you will be missed. I will always feel a special bond to you. Your Charlie and my Mike died so close to the same time and many of their symptoms were the same . I won't forget your friendship and support during those days. My best to you and your girls.

Love and Prayers,


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If you look in Dons' posrt teh struggle and read Tinas response you will see how I knew this.

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Thanks for your appreciation and well wishes. I will probably still read quite a bit...just won't be posting. I HAVE to keep up with how everyone is doing. Don M.: I've followed your cyberknife procedures with great interest and pray for your cure. Rich: You are like the Energizer bunny--you keep going and going even with all the setbacks you've had over the years. Connie: You have been blessed with your long-term survival. Sue: I feel a special bond with you, also. Randy: Thanks for keeping the other side of our mountains under control. Kasey: You are a testiment to miracles really happening in a big way. Katie: You and Rick are life-savers. This site was a Godsend to us and I will always be so grateful to you both and to the moderators that keep it going so smoothly.

Anyway, I will still try to keep in touch even though things are very crazy right now and are changing dramatically in the next few weeks.

God bless everyone! Love and hugs.

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