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Do you think I am paranoid?


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There is not much to laugh about when it comes to cancer, but a little laughter helps heal especially if the joke is on me.

Do you think I am paranoid?

I was playing golf the other day and it was quite windy. After a few holes I began to get this headache. Of course you know the first thing that I think of when any thing starts to bother me. As the day went on I got more concerned and it did not help my golf game. There is not too much that could help my game, it’s beyond help. As I was walking to the car after putting up with this headache all day, I removed my hat that I had secured to my head rather tightly to keep the wind from sending it into the next county and VALA, the headache was gone.


Stay positive, :?


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Every time I have too many margaritas (which honestly isn't very often!), I get a headache the next day. My first thought is never, "You fool, you drank too much tequila," but I know you all can guess what my first thought is instead. :twisted:

Aspirin, a little rest, and time passing make me all better, but it's just the way we're wired to think now, I'm afraid. :roll:


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That cracked me up! Next time just let the wind blow thru, and forget the hat!!!! :)

We had a similar experience--- I had cleaned the bathroom really well..... :) LOT'S of clorox cleaner in the "loo". :oops: I wanted it to soak for a bit, so I left it.

Harry went "wee-wee" :oops: in there, not knowing about the cleaner, and the next thing I knew, he was hollering at me to call the doctor, because he figured that his kidney's must have burst!! :shock: ! (Apparently you can't mix cleaner with.... well.... "wee-wee", without it becoming bright red!!!!!) :roll:

Needless to say, Poor Harry thought the big "C" had invaded his kidney's overnight......

It's not funny, but it IS, if you know what I mean?!!!!

When I finally figured out what was going on, I was practically rolling on the floor laughing....my poor hubby!

Take care you all,


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During my chemo I had a terrible headache, it lasted for days. During a visit with the onc for blood work I mentioned my headache to the nurses who imediately went into scan mode.

An MRI was done straight away and I was told that there was nothing in my brain that showed any problem so I was sent home, much reassured.

On my way home I realized that I had omitted one very important piece of information that would have changed the direction of everyone's day..........I have been a long time sufferer of cluster migraines so this was not at all out of the ordinary :oops::oops::oops:

I'd had worse ones that had lasted longer but because I had the nausea side effect from my chemo I had ignored it as far as my headache was concerned. Oh well, at least the omission wasn't terminal :lol::lol:


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