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Hello, Im new & looking for info for my Dad

lindam n

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Hi. Im Linda. I myself am a 7 year breast cancer, and have belonged to an online bc support group, and know how valuable it is!

I have a question re my father. Knowing how I am the Queen of Googling symptoms and news regarding breast cancer, Im not sure where to go for lung cancer info.

I know the standard answer is wait til the tests come back, lol, but having cancer makes you a bit, well...you know!

My Dad is 73, been a heavy smoker for >50 years. He has been losing weight for a year. Had a colonoscopy, all clear. He also has been having pain in his shoulder, down his arm. Doc said arthritis showed up on the XRay? (I of course feel a bone scan should be performed)

They saw a >1 cm nodule via XRay, and had a ct scan this morning. It is located in the lower quadrant.

Of course, I have been to all sorts of sites, and in my "professional google queen" opinion, feel it is most def. lung cancer.

I guess my question is, does anyone know the percentage rate of malignancy of nodules?

I know there is no exact way to tell w/o a biopsy, but Im just trying to get my head around this now, although I think I already know the answer. :cry:

Thank you.


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Welcome Linda!!! We must truly be birds of one feather, for I, too, google my little hert out. Now about that nodule........it's greater than 1 cm??? I cannot give you stats on the % of malignancy, BUT I can tell you my own DH has been watching nodules for close to 2 years. His are of the 2-3mm size though.

All of us here HATE the waiting game. Unfortunately, for now, I think that is exactly what you need to do. I agree that the losing weight is not a good sign, but what we like to do around here is to take a step back, take some deep breaths, and not put the cart before the horse.

So you see, I have no answers to help you TODAY, but once you have some additional info there will be MANY offering their expertise. So stick around and let us know when you know, okay?


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Thanks, Kasey! Yes....a little info can be a dangerous thing, but knowledge is power! Heck, Im so anal, I had my path report back from my bc surgery before my surgeon did!

I was 34 years old. Im 41 now, so Im a happy camper! (I am adopted, and my Dad does not have a family history of cancer)

I will wait and post more when I get more info, but I feel in my heart it is not good. He also has been having bouts with dymensia,so I of course have diagnosed him with brain mets.

Im the oldest child, and my parents are the type who think "If you go looking for problems, you'll find them". Drives me batty. My Mom just had her FIRST mammogram at the age of 72!!!!

You know how it goes with survivors..ya have a pain in your finger, you google it, and convince yourself it is bone mets, only to realize you have a hang nail. UGH.

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Right you are, Linda.......I KNOW I have all sorts of strange maladies :roll: ! At any rate, glad you are here, though sorry at the same time.

And I forgot to congratulate you on being a bc survivor!!!! Only 3% or so of all lc is my type of tumor. Like you, I actually learned more about it than any of my docs here. Self advocate.......and get LOTS of opinions...that's my motto.


PS: I didn't mean go away until you knew more. Hope you didn't think that......just to wait until you get yourself more fussed up. So hope to 'see' you around!

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I can relate to your anxiety. We have a situation that is quite similar in our family. It's my mom... she's 78. She has emphysema, is on oxygen and under the care of a pulmonologist. On routine xray they picked up on areas of concern, from there she had a CT scan and it also showed small nodules. A PET Scan was done and the only thing that lit up were small areas in her upper right lung. The upshot.. she had a wedge section surgery/biopsy on May 2nd. It was rough on her. She was on ventilator two days following surgery. The biopsy showed 2 small tumors , which were removed and the lymph nodes are ok. That was 3 weeks ago. She is slowly regaining her strength and will soon meet with an oncologist to discuss what she might consider as follow up treatment.

I'm sure this doesn't answer your questions, exactly , but it is possibly a case you can relate to. My prayers are with you and your family.


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I'm a bit new here, but wanted to say Hi, and that I hope you find out good news about your dad.

I'll add that my "most favorite" old neighbor, smoked from the time he was 7 years old!(Can you imagine a seven year old addicted to cigarettes?? :shock: ???)- Anyway, he did pass away at age 80, but it had nothing whatsoever to do with lung cancer or smoking. (It was an infection he caught at the hospital :cry: ) (Not that I'm advocating smoking, of course!)

Maybe just maybe, you're dad will be fine.

Please let me know what you find out.

Welcome here. It's a wonderful site, with very, very friendly, helpful people.


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Thank you all so much for being welcoming & giving me some information! Like the Tom Petty song goes..."The Waiting is the Hardest Part".

It's tough with aging parents. Im trying to get them to allow their doctors to call me, Im sure they will have to sign HIPA papers.They do not understand much about tests,or disease, and are "old school" when it comes to thinking doctors are Gods. "What do you mean, get a second opinion???" UGH. At first, my Dad said they found a "polyp" on his lung, lol.

I know so much about the type of breast cancer I had (a rare breast sarcoma called phyllodes), I could write a book on it. I will be 7 years out in September. Woohoo for NEDI I just dont know very much about lung cancer. Hopefully, I will not have to. I will keep you posted, have a great weekend!

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Thanks again for your replies! Just trying to get through the holiday weekend, trying to keep him busy & his mind off of it.

Quick question though...he has had pneumonia before. Could scar tisue from a lung infection be confused with a nodule via Xray? I know, Im reaching here, lol.

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scar tissue can be confused... they could do a CTand if its still suspicious then they will do a biopsy. odds are they will take a peak on down there to see what they can an take a sample if they need to.

my dads xray showed a triangle spot. they did a ct then the biopsy my dads mass is 3.8cm X 2.2cm... he has multiple Mets in his Liver...

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My mom just called. Said he had a terrible night last night. Shortness of breath, pain in his chest, back & shoulder, and said he was drenched in sweat when she woke up from his coughing.I asked why she didnt call 911, and she said he wouldnt let her.

I told her to call his doctor ASAP & get those CT reports back. UGH.

Time for a family meeting, although my sis & bro are too wrapped up in their own lives to do anything pro active. :evil:

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