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Worse Things in store in UK Treatments.

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This is by or about DJenkins I believe one of our British members and her fight to get Tarceva approved

Fight for cancer drug 'to worsen'

FUNDING cancer drugs will become increasingly challenging for the NHS, according to a north-east cancer specialist.

Professor Herbie Newell, from the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, admits the NHS has limited resources and difficult decisions to make.

His comments come after 180 cancer doctors said they fear the NHS will be unable to fund the new generation of cancer drugs.

They include Tarceva, which can extend the life of patients like lung cancer sufferer Jimmy Jenkyns, from South Shields, who is fighting to have the drug prescribed for him on the NHS. At the moment, the 54-year-old is funding the pills himself, but has had to borrow money to foot the £1,700-a-month bill.

BATTLE ... Jimmy and Deanne Jenkyns.

Professor Newell, professor of cancer therapeutics and Cancer Research UK's director of translational research, said: "We know the NHS has limited resources and difficult choices to make about which treatments it can afford.

"With an ageing population and a growing number of cancer patients, the expensive anti-cancer treatments becoming available will increase the NHS's challenges."

Mr Jenkyns and his wife Deanne, 39, are campaigning for Tarceva to be made available on the NHS on behalf of other patients.

It's not a cure, but it is less invasive than chemotherapy and has fewer side effects, giving cancer patients a better quality of life.

Mrs Jenkyns, from Bainbridge Avenue, Simonside, said: "The Lung Cancer Patients Charter states that all patients be given rapid access to up to date treatments.

"Yet patients are being denied the use of this drug, unless, of course, they are in a position financially to fund it themselves."

Mr Jenkyns, who runs a commercial cleaning business, was refused Tarceva on the NHS by South Tyneside Primary Care Trust (PCT) earlier this year.

It has not yet been passed by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, and the PCT said its benefits have not yet been proven.

The couple are appealing against the decision and have paid for two months' worth of treatment to help their case.

Last Updated: 26 May 2007

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Randy thanks again for thinking of us Brits. There is an appeal against the Tarceva decision the beginning of JUNE.

Barry is the patient representative. He is a three year survivor. We are lucky we have the resources to get tarceva and avastin and he is currently leading a normal life (apart from the worry). Will keep you posted.


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Deanne and Jimmy Jenkins are tireless campaigners for Tarceva on NHS in the UK. They are an amazing couple who are prepared to stand up against the big guns of the establishment and speak out for justice. Jimmy, like my Dad, has to self fund Tarceva at a cost of more than £1700 a month and seem to be getting benefits from it to give them a good quality of life (before taking Tarceva both Jimmy and my Dad were very ill). I find it outrageous that whilst having to contend with a terminal illness and the trauma that brings with it, we then have to fight for (and then pay for) medication to help treat LC (which incidentally is available in Scotland). I hope the NICE decision will be reversed in June and that guys like Jimmy and my Dad can get Tarceva without being in ruins financially (as the worrys of finances should not be dominant at a time like this).

Deanne will be going to the NICE hearing as a representative of the amazing website she runs for sufferers of LC and their fight for Tarceva - check out the boards ---



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Thank you Ladies for the news. You know if there is anything I can do here let me know. This is sad to me and appallinga andn wwhenever I see news I post it. take CAre and sending Prayers for success and good Health of ccourse.

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Hi Randy,

I am just keeping you updated because you have been so kind in supporting our campaign.

Cancer victim loses drug battle

A CANCER sufferer has lost his battle for life-prolonging drugs on the NHS.

South Tyneside Primary Care Trust (PCT) has rejected an appeal by Jimmy Jenkyns against its decision not to fund Tarceva.

But Mr Jenkyns and wife Deanne, from Bainbridge Avenue, South Shields, today vowed to fight on.

The couple have been paying for the drug privately, spending £8,500 in total, but they only have a two-month supply left.

Mr Jenkyns said the daily tablets have made him feel normal for the first time since being diagnosed with lung cancer last April.

His wife said: "People with stage four cancer are not expected to live beyond eight months.

"But Jimmy has always been quite fit and well since diagnosis and his positive outlook has really helped him immensely.

"Since he started taking Tarceva, he hasn't had a twinge of pain. It has made such a difference to both our lives.

"But what happens when we can no longer afford the drug? Have I got to sit and watch him deteriorate, or worse?"

Mr Jenkyns's oncologist recommended him for the drug, which has not yet been approved for use in England and Wales.

Draft guidance has been issued by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice), but it does not recommend the use of the drug.

However, the drug is available for free in Scotland and appeals have been successful in other parts of the country.

As well as launching another appeal, Mr Jenkyns will ask his GP to be referred to another hospital, in an area where Tarceva is available on the NHS.

Mrs Jenkyns, 39, says she believes health chiefs are looking at the cost, not the benefits it brings to patients.

She said: "To me, the bottom line is he's doing well on it. There are not many options out there for cancer patients, so what is there, they should have. They shouldn't have to fight for it."

She said the difference in cost between Tarceva and chemotherapy drug docetaxel is just £6 a day, which the couple have offered to pay.

"We are not going to go away," she added. "We will be appealing against the decision again."

The PCT said in a statement that Mr and Mrs Jenkyns have been given the opportunity to put forward their perspective.

It added: "We involved an independent GP and a non-executive member of the PCT board to obtain totally unbiased consideration of Mr and Mrs Jenkyns's viewpoint; of the evidence base for the drug, taking into account Nice guidance and also guidance from the North East Cancer Network, and the views of Mr Jenkyns's consultant.

"Unfortunately, after taking everything into consideration, we were unable to agree funding. We do review our decisions in the light of any changes in Nice guidance."

Last Updated: 10 July 2007 2:19 PM

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We now however have his CT scan report and we will be taking this to the next appeal!


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