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a new plan!!! answered prayers!!!


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Hello Friends,

I wanted to update you on my dad since his restaging last week to IIIb. We met with the radiation oncologists today and they are starting the process for IMRT. It is a procedure where they give megadoses of radiation to a specific spot without damaging surrounding tissue. It will be 5 weeks of this two days per week. They will do this to the primary tumor and mediastinal nodes. They will not do supraclavicular that was biopsied last week as surgeon took out the one he felt and there is no other notations on scans. They felt if he needs radiation in this area later on its best to leave it alone for now. He needs a CT scan next week, then they do some "figuring" then he will begin. I felt so happy when one of the oncs said "you know, 3 years from now if he needs more, we can give it to him".

I mentioned in another post, that I do want to take him to Sloan Kettering here in NY. The oncologist agreed with me and even said he would do it if it were him. He said "you never know what another doc might have up his sleeve". So, since this whole thing wont begin for awhile we will squeeze in a visit to Sloan. My onc said to use his name to speed up the appointment process. I just want to make sure he gets the best that research can offer. I still pray he can have surgery some day. I just pray he lives to be an old man.

I feel God's hand in this because my father cant tolerate high dose chemo because of his past with the stem cell transplant he had with lymphoma. Onc has not ruled out lower doses of chemo and is talking about maybe using Gemzar in the future, but I know he cant be given the "big guns". He had that for the lymphoma.

So, I feel the heaviness lifting tonight with a plan in progress. Thank you for all your prayers and support during this time. It is with gratitude to all of you that I post here tonight.

Know that you are prayed for.

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