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Expanded Obit for Mom


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The one in the local paper was what she wanted publicly...it simply stated that any memorial service would be at a later date and that memorial contributions could be made to LUNGevity/LCSC. She said that anyone who "should" know the details would already know.

I want you all to know a little bit more about Mom, so I'm putting in an expanded obituary (of sorts).

Sue Seymour was born at Camp Lejeune, NC on December 21, 1949 to Art and Pat Kindt and grew up in NC, PA, and NJ areas.

Sue moved to Iowa on Oct. 31, 1979 with her children and quickly made it "home", especially the small town of Minburn. She met Ralph Seymour and in 1986 they were married, making their home with "their" children in Adel. In 1993 Ralph and Sue moved back to Minburn where Sue opened ARS Mini Market and when that didn't do well, The Hair Shop, which she ran until her illness forced her to close the thriving business. Sue was a fantastic hairdresser even at the beginning of her career and was asked when she was younger to go on the road with the Supremes to do their wigs. She declined the opportunity...she had a family to raise.

During her first years in Iowa, Sue knew only extreme poverty. Yet, she worked hard and with the help of the community of Minburn, started to raise herself and her children out of it. Her crowing achievement was that she was able to build an in-ground pool in her back yard and take a vacation to the South Pacific where she and Ralph got the opportunity to spend one of the nights on a "deserted island". They were dropped off in the afternoon and picked up the following day. But the most common vacation she took was to Las Vegas, where she would travel a few times a year...with or without company.

Sue had a ready laugh and tried not to take life too seriously. Even as her illness progressed, she would find every opportunity to laugh. That is her legacy to her family...a sense of humor.

She was extremely proud of her grandchildren and took advantage of "grandma's right" to spoil them whenever she could. Her biggest fear was in "leaving" them to grow-up without her.

Sue is survived by her husband Ralph, of Minburn and their children Becky Fletchall (Jim Hendricks) of Redfield, Mike (Beth) Fletchall of Winterset, and Melissa (Mark) Ham of Winterset. She is also survived by her sisters Donna (of AZ), Patty (of NC), and Mary (of VA), brother Gerry (of WY), and her grandchildren: Sabrina Ham, Dennis Neal, Ashley Hendricks, and Patrick Fletchall.

Sue was proceeded in death by her parents, two brothers, Steve and Rich, a sister, Be, and a grandaughter Lyric Autumn Ham.

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Thanks for sharing this wonderful, verbal, portrait of your mom. She sounds like she was the kind of person who must have brought joy to the lives of those who knew her. You've always described her as a person who liked to do things "her way" and it shows in the creative way she lived. Again, thank you , Missy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



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Oh Missy,

This was one post I was shocked to read. I knew it was coming but when I saw it, it broke my heart. You mom fought so hard but this monster just would not give up.

You are a wonderful daughter and when I read what was written about your mom I know who you take after. She was some lady.

I pray you are holding up and taking care of yourself and that new life you are carrying.

I know your mom will be right in that room with you when you give birth.

My deepest sympathies goes out to you and your family.

I am so sorry Missy....

Maryanne :cry:

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