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Sister's fingernails are now falliing off/starting radiation


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I heard from Diana and she tells me that her fingernails are now falling off and she must wear bandaids over them. She will be starting chemo and radiation on June 11th. They want her to rest up and be "healthy" for her first radiation. She has gone for a simulation and has had marks put on her body as to where they are going to radiate. She seems fine with everything. It is me who is nervous over this! Thanks for all your support!


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My fingernails and toenails fell off when I had follow-up chemo with Taxotere. Wierdly enough, it wasn't painful at all, except when I hurried the process once or twice.

Tell Diana they grow back, and when they do, they look really nice.



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Trish, Wendy, Mike, Alexan, Fillise, Don M~thank you so much for getting back to me! :D Trish, your bio sounds like my sister's. Mike, I am glad to hear your fingernails grew back. I was wondering what would happen to Diana's. Thank you all for your prayers! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! I couldn't find a nicer group of people!

The "down" side since Diana came down with cancer, is that I have friends that have been diagnosed with it as well. One friend has double breast cancer, another has bone cancer and no medical insurance to help her pay. I have been hearing as well friend's family have now been diagnosed with cancer! I never heard so much about it until Diana was diagnosed!

I pray there is a miracle for everyone!


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