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Exciting news from Onc & Pulmonary doc


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Hi All,

Yahoo, I finally get to post on good news board. On 10-9 had a broncoscopy per Pulm's request due to pneumonia in September that had not cleared up yet according to x-rays. After bronc (which Pulm did biopsy), he went out and told my husband, well I have good news and bad news. Good news is I can't find the tumor (was 17cmx8x5 originally), shrunk to 8cmx5x3 after radiation and chemo (first round.) Bad news is pnuemonia still there, (I'm still on antibiotics.) Today when I went into Onc. she said that the biopsy came back "NEGATIVE"..... She wants me to finish one more treatment of Taxol/Carbo and then we will do a PET and see what is going on. She also said she wants me to start Taxotere/Carbo as my next treatment.

I have a question, if they can't find the tumor and tests came back negative, is it normal to continue treatment? Has anyone else experienced the same thing and had to continue treatment?

I truly have to say this is the work of the Lord and I have to give him the glory for healing me. My doctor's were guided on my treatment by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.... By his Stripes, I am healed. Thank you.

God Bless :D


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That is GREAT news!! about NED. Sorry about the pneumonia, I know it makes you feel washed out, but better pneumonia than tumor.

I believe the doctors want to be proactive and ensure that what they can't seed (ie, micro cancers) are also taken care of, since you responded so beautifully to chemo. I know of a few other cases like this, and they are truly miraculous. What is amazing is that you apparently managed to resorb the large tumor (did I read you right?) completely.

Remember that chemo and radiation both tax the immune system, which makes it harder to get over the pneumonia.

I remember my surgeon asking me, when I told him I felt like sh!t three months after the surgery (had been hospitalized for respiratory infection and facing another surgery for ostomy reversal) " would you rather have your tumor back?".

Congratulations on the good news!! and take care of the pneumonia.



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