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Getting to Know You - May 30


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I weigh who is asking and usually tell my real age. Of course, sometimes I tell the age I FEEL at the time (around 80)...

Now, if you were to ask the same question about weight...LOL...I lied for my driver's license - BIG TIME.

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I tell my real age or at least try to sometimes I forget how old I am. Like Snowflake I think my drivers license is about 90lbs lighter originally it was only about 20lbs lighter but then I have gained. You know when you go to renew your license and the idiot says same weight? Like I am going to tell him no :roll:

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Yes I lie like a dog! I come from a long line of age liars. :lol: When my grandmother died my grandfather found out she was actually 5 years older than she had told him. She even went so far as to not collect her social security for 5 years! My mom has it down to a science-- she remembers nothing prior to 1935. I only tell the truth if I am under oath. :shock:

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I tell my real age, I am happy that I have made it to

another birthday. I actually love my birthday as it

is all about me :wink:

By the way I am 44

Alan on the other hand hates his birthday and would

like to put his head under the covers and pretend it

never happened. So he avoids the subject of age at all costs. (Alan is 60 :) )

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I, like others, will tell you my age, BUT, my weight is shared only with my dr.

The problem I have with lying about my age is that I would have to have my children start lying about their age or tell people I got married in elementary school.

I am 64. I don't mind being 64 I just don't like what gravity has done to me over the years.

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I do tell my age (79)

but hate to do it,

because of my hair.

Black natural hair runs

in my family and harder to

explain with each passing year.


If asked will tell, but I'm

underweight so people don't

ask often....


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I was just 60, keeping it low key. And bang.... they had this hugh surprise party for me. :roll: So, so much for that.

I don't look sixty at all so that makes me feel good. Not to be vain, but I don't. My family has good genes that way.

And Kasey You don't have to tell people you are older, you look marvelous, sweetie!!!

There are things that make me feel old though. Like finding our the Beatles "Sargents Peppers" album came out 40 years ago on June 1st. :shock: I remember that like it was "Yesterday".... hmmmm sounds like another song. :lol:

Maryanne :wink:

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My son tells everyone my age (don't know why), so I don't get a vote in it. Oddly eenough, I often forget my age. Truly. I've had to go back and correct my age before to people--then I feel like an idiot. Sometimes I have to take my daughter's age and add 25 to it to make sure I get it right. I'm not in denial, just not with it.

:) Kelly

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I just found this "Just for Fun topic area"! I like it!

I will be 46 on June 15th-this Friday! We're having a "70's theme" party, which my daughter is throwing for me, and everyone is dressing up! Can't wait to see the grandbabies dressed as Hippies! LOL!

I always tell everyone my correct age, but add that I still "feel" 20 "at heart"!


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