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I am soooo excited I could bust right now...

myself, and a few other LCSC members have had their stories published in a book called "Messages From Beyond" http://www.messages-from-beyond.com/index.html - The book won't be in the stores until July 1st but we received our copies today!!! There is even a mention of our website in the final pages of the book!!!! YEAH!!!!

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Yes, the book is great!!! I read the entire book in one sitting. I was so glad to see some of our board members have submitted stories. I have three copies, one for each of my sons.

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How did you guys even know about it to read?!?!? Man, I musta missed this info big time. Sharon..........how did you know to even submit something and where? Who else is in it???

Way to go, Sharon, a big pat on the back!!!! Now I gotta get me a copy!


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That is awesome Sharon. Can't wait to read it. I also did not know anything about it.

How did this get started? Who contacted you?

I am really excited about this :D

It says it is available July 1st. I put this in my favorites so I will have that site. But please remind when July is here.

Maryanne :wink:

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