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I have started a new series of posts on the Nutrition Forum. I will be doing a short report with links on each Supplement/Herb that I take. The intent is to keep each thread about just the one item. If you care to post comments about that supplement, feel free to do so. Any comments that do not pertain to that item should be posted in a new thread. If they are posted under the wrong item they will be removed. We want it to be a place a person can come and find out about that item and that item only. A lot of newly diagnosed people suffer from an overload of information and they have told me by getting one thing at a time is a great help for them.

Anyone that would like to be added to my email list and receive an email of each report let me know by sending me an email. It works real nice if you save each email in a folder for reference and you will not miss any reports. Sending them by PM does not work.

Each report will have the name of the item followed by Ernie Example “AHCC by Ernie”

The first two are posted AHCC and Turmeric/Curcumin. Check them out and if you want the rest by e-mail let me know, we hope this will make it easier to learn about these supplements.

Stay positive, :)


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