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My office manager's brother has brain tumors. They operated on Friday and removed a portion. They're talking about chemo and radiation. They have told her that it will kill him. They have given him 8 months. He is 38 years old. Does anyone know of a web site simular to this one where they can go for support? Any help will be appreiciated. For prayer purposes, his name is William. Hugs, Liz

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Hi Liz,

I was sorry to read about this.

Do you have any idea what the name of his cancer/disease is?

I know that a lot of brain cancers end in the suffix of "Blastoma", but there's quite a few different types.

I know a young girl - she was about 25 when she got diagnosed,- anyway, they told her that she too, only had a few months to live. That's been 6 years ago!

I saw her at Walmart, and she had just left the oncologist's office, with a "head full of nothing" as she called it, of which she was very proud. She said the doc told her to go home, and that he never wanted to see her again, (with a big wink!). It made me so happy for her. I hope it turns out the same for your friend.

Take care,


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