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Tarceva......when do side effects kick in?


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Clinical study results say that, for those who get the rash (about 75%), the median time to onset of rash is 8 days. That means half get it earlier, and half (of those who get it), get it later. Almost all who get the rash get it within a month. Same results say median time to onset of diarrhea (among the 50% or so who get it) is 12 days. Nausea is supposed to be less of a problem with Tarceva than with IV Chemo, but it happens more often with Tarceva than with a placebo.

I got the rash on day 8 (I guess I'm a pretty average guy), light diarrhea earlier than that (followed by a couple of awful bouts in week 3), and a touch of nausea in the mornings (my wife is amused at my having "morning sickness").

As indicated above, though, your mileage may vary.--neilb

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