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what was the awesome med for coughing?


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Harry had one called Hydrocodone GG syrup.

It stopped the cough, but it can be addictive , and is very strong, so I don't know if that's something you would want to bother with, unless the cough gets REALLY bad.

Hope you find something that helps,


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my dad had a persistent and deep dry cough: tried cherratusin, and tessalon pearls, had an inhaler. none did the trick.

last week he went to a pulmonologist who thought it might be an infection. he's on an antibiotic now, but the doc also gave him hydrocodone. The last week his cough has finally started to subside quite a bit---though it is still present. Other things being equal, I;d like to think that the antibiotics were the meds making the difference but we cant be sure.

for certain, however, you want to go up the chain of medicine. So you should consult with your doctor, but you might also try over the counter robitussin first to see if that helps.

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