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Performance Status At Your Dx


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Out of pure curiousity, I'm wondering what everyone's "performance status" was when starting original and next line treatments. Sounds like most people here were in pretty good shape at dx. True? Also, has anyone's "performance status" improved with treatment?

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My father was 1 at dx. Very healthy all his life, no health problems at all. They told him that he should have easy time with chemo. It turned out to be terrible. Maybe because he never took any drugs, the chemo drugs were very hard on him and he started to deteriorate really fast after the third cycle of chemo. There was one week when he lost 7kg.

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I was never told, but looking at the criteria for the ECOG/WHO/Zubrod score, it would have to be 1 - symptomatic but completely ambulant. Still there. Some day it would be nice to have an immediate change from 1 to 5 with no intervening steps! :P Aloha,


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We weren't given a performance status per se.

The doctor spent about an hour in the hospital with us the night after his wedge section. He reviewed Tony's overall health and saw it was excellent aside from the cancer. He mentioned status, but didn't give a number. He did say he saw no reason to not give him full dose carbo/taxol (every 21 days) to start. The hospital lung cancer care coordinator also brought up status and said Tony was good.

Tony's SOB decreased after just a few cycles as one of the tumors shrank and stopped compressing his bronchial tube.


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