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Can anyone recommend a book for my mum?


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Finding the light in Gods shadow by Lyne Eib and I think she has a second book but not sure of the name. She leads an online prayer group, I believe, is an oncologyy nurse and a Cancer survivor as well as advocate.

Try amazon or barnes & noble should be in inspiration section. THat is where i found this book.

hope this helps some

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My fav book is still "Snapshots of Heaven" by Joyce Vollmer Brown. It is nothing more than a series of observations/consequences from what the Bible promises us. I found it very reassuring - we are all going to die - I read it almost every night during treatment. It helps reduce the fear and sadness when we dream about what Heaven will be like. :)


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Dr Bernie Siegel's books are wonderful- especially on tape. You can get them reasonable on E-bay. I bought a set for a friend fighting breast and colon cancer and she called me tonight and said how great they are. One title is "Love, Medicine, and Miracles".

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Fighting Cancer by R. A. Bloch is a book that will help anyone with their fight to beat cancer. It is not a religious book, but it will give one the hope needed to survive. He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and told that he had three months to live. He chose to fight for his life and was declared cancer-free two years later. 26 years later he died in of heart failure, not cancer.


You can read the book on line or get a free copy.

Stay positive, :)


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